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Dedication and commitment.

We started this path just because we liked miniatura schnauzer for its aesthetic.

The time we spent with them sharing activities like Agility or Obedience(OCI) and work (IGP) as well as morphology exhibitions or just the daily walkings with them, caugh us little by little, not only because of its aesthetic as the beginning, but also because of his carácter.

Balanced, energetic,guardian, companion… This great dog has taken our hearts away.

Our great effort, our daily work perfecting our techniques and increasing our knowledge whenever we can with genetics, reproductions, neonatology, barf diet, positive training, hairdressing and canine grooming seminars , the advices which high references of this race have told and maybe the lucky which has accompained us since the beginning, made us the dream of trying to forge a great dream where we manage to breed great specimens so we can contribute important things to this race, choosing scrupulously the specimens to cross, trying to adjust as much as posible to de standard model, looking for something that distinguishes us from the others.

As dog´s lovers, we also enjoy the company of other breeds that we have not been able to close the doors of our home, like Toy Poodles, Brazilian Terrier, Yorkshire… Some of them are adopted because although we are faithful advocates and we practise the selecting breeding of purebreed dogs (we are breeders not a breeding place) , we consider that a pure dog as well as the others dogs are living beings and they have the same needs to feel loved.